Management & Governance

In accordance with good practice, the NCSR has a management steering committee, comprising of representatives from Key thematic areas, and across the 3 scientific disciplines. This committee is charged with ensuring the NCSR remains committed to the delivery of it’s strategic mission to develop sensors and sensing technologies for societal benefit. Reporting into this committee are the management team of NCSR Director, NCSR Centre Manager, and the administrative team. The current management team are as follows:

NCSR Management Committee

Prof. Robert Forster (Chair)
Prof. Dermot Diamond
Prof. Apryll Stalcup
Prof. Tia Keyes
Prof. Fiona Regan
Dr. Tony Cafolla
Prof. Dermot Brabazon
Dr. Conor Burke
Mr. Robbie Sinnott
Dr. Mercedes Vazquez
Dr. Aoife Morrin