Bio Characterisation

Tecan M200 Tecan – Infinite M200.
DNA/RNA Detection and Quantification. Genomic applications: DNA-quantification, DNA & RNA-quantification, DNA-purity check, Protein quantification via BCA, Bradford & Lowry -assay, Reporter Gene Assays such as alkaline phosphatase, GFP etc.Cell-based applications: Cell viability, proliferation, migration, adhesion, Apoptosis, Ion channel assaysMonitoring of molecular interactions via FP-measurements:Receptor / Ligand interactions, DNA / DNA binding, DNA/Protein binding, Protein/protein binding
Tecan Sunrise Tecan Sunrise Plate Reader (Absorbance Only).
DNA/RNA Detection and Quantification. Endpoint-assays, Kinetic assays, Wavelength scanning, Agglutination reading
BioTek ELx808 BioTek ELx808 Absorbance Micro-plate Reader. Biochemical analysis
Varian Cary 50 Probe Varian Cary 50 UV Spectrometer. DNA/RNA Detection and Quantification
Farfield AnaLight 4D Farfield AnaLight Dual Polarisation Interferometer

Growth Manipulation and Sterilisation

Sanyo ORBI-SAFE TS NetWise Sanyo Orbital Shaking Incubator
Heraeus HS12 Hereaus HS12 Laminar Flow Cabinet
Holten LaminAir Maxisafe 2010 Holten Laminar Flow Cabinet
TOMY SX-700E Autoclave.
High-Pressure Steam Steriliser.
Priorclave PS/MID/C60 Priorclave Autoclave (PS/MID/C60)
Millpore Progarde 2 Millipore Water Purification System (Direct Q & Water Softener)