Horiba Uvisel Spectroscopic Ellipsometer. Thinfilm Measurement & Characterisation
Wyko NT1100 Wyko optical profilometer. High Resolution optical 3-dimensional profile of surfaces
Dektak 150 Dektak 150 Profilometer. Stylus profilmoter used to characterise and profile surfaces utilising 3-D topography


MicroMaster Turnkey system MicroMaster CO2 Laser Ablation Milling Machine.
Micro fabrication, Nano fabrication, Laser machining. Laser ablation system used to cut micro channels into variuos substrates to generate functional microfluidic channels.
KIMMON KR1801C KIMMON IK Series He-Cd Laser (& Power Supply)
Jenoptik Hex 02 Hot Embossing System.
Laser based Micropatterning (hot embossing). Micro fabrication, Nano fabrication. Used in the construction of several types of polymer microfluidic devices with particular emphasis on theranostics and environmental monitoring


Heidelberg DWL 66FS DWL 66FS – Laser lithography system.
Micro/Nano fabrication / Laser lithography. High resolution pattern generator for low volume mask making and direct writing. Includes all the features that are needed for successful creation and analysis of microstructures. Can be used for mask making or direct exposure on any flat material coated with photoresist.• Substrates up to 200 x 200 mm2• Structures down to 0.6 μm• 3D exposure mode• Camera system for alignment• Back to front side alignment• Climate chamber
OAI Model 206 Near UV Mask alignment system.
Micro/Nano fabrication / Photolithography. 6″ Diameter Substrate Holder, 7″ x 7″ Mask Holder, Single-field zoom microscope tube with CCTV camera.
The system allows for a near ultraviolet light to be passed through a patterned photo mask onto a substrate coated in a light sensitive polymer. The light sensitive polymer after further processing is then used as a master to produce a range of microfluidic devices.
Karl Suss MA56 KarlSuss Mask Aligner MA56.
Micro/Nano fabrication / Photolithography. For use with 4″ wafers and 5″ masks. Light source is 365 nm mercury arc lamp at 10 mW/cm². Vacuum and contact modes available. Dual alignment objectives and split-field viewing. Mask and microscope have motorized motion in X and Y, and they may be moved together or independently over the stationary wafer.

Sample Manipulation

Tecan Treedom Evo Auto High-Throughput Antibody Isolation, Robot handling system.
Clone screening. Automated system for performing ELISA based screening
Scienion S3 Scienion S3 Nano Dispenser. Ultra low volume liquid dispensing
Edwards MicroModulyo Edwards freeze Dryer