Pranalytica Nephrolux Ammonia Breath Analyser. Detection of ppb levels of ammonia in human breath
Biacore Biacore 3000 Surface plasmon resonance based biomolecular interaction analysis. The Biacore 3000 provides an eloquent means of measuring the binding interactions of molecules in real time. This model offers a comprehensive characterisation of binding events with analysis of up to 192 samples per run automatically. Furthermore quantitative kinetic analysis (rate constants), quantitative determination of affinity constants, determination of binding specificity, thermodynamic measurement and epitope mapping can be easily conducted using the Biacore 3000 system.
Biacore Biacore 4000 (A100) High-throughput / Parallel protein interaction analysis. The Biacore 4000 is a powerful tool for larger scale, high through put screening. This system allows 60 hour automated runs, parallel analysis of up to 16 targets or 4800 interactions in 24 hours and evaluation of up to 4800 interactions in less than 2 hours. The Biacore 4000 is particularly useful for screening and ranking large libraries of antibodies direct from crude E.coli extracts in real time without the need for labels whilst also characterising antibody specificity and selectivity. Additionally yes/no binding screening, off-rate ranking, kinetic analysis and concentration analysis can all be completed using the Biacore 4000. This system also provides similar analysis capacity for low molecular weight drug discovery.
Affymetrix 417 arrayer Genetic Micro Systems GMS 417 Arrayer
Perkin Elmer Scanarray Gx Perkin Elmer ScanArray GX Micro-Array Scanner
Thermo PX2 Thermo PX2 Thermocycler
Applied BioSystems 9902 Applied BioSystems “Veriti” 96-well Thermal Cycler